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True Nature runs classes & workshops in Somerset to help improve your health and wellness

Online Holistic Wellbeing Services – Coaching, Relaxations, CPPDs, Teaching sessions, Exercises

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True Nature run classes & workshops in Somerset to help improve your health and wellness

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Online Holistic Wellbeing Services – Coaching, Relaxations, CPDs, Teaching Sessions, Exercises

Wellness Classes & Workshops

We offer a wide range of exercise and educational classes, workshops and online holistic wellbeing sessions. We offer self-development (CPDs) classes and workshops to improve mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness, as well as building inner strengthen and resilience. Our aim is to help you to help yourself to feel more in charge and connected to your life, and have some fun in the process!

Pure Meditation Foundation

Water droplet making ripples in water

Pure Meditation is an ancient art and science that is being passed on by trained meditation teachers. Mindful life tools also taught during the session, they can be practised anywhere – at work, before an interview, meetings, exams, performances, after a hectic day, for relaxation and for helping you to sleep better.

Having a one-to-one session with a teacher means that you can discuss any personal thoughts and questions you have about meditation, find out the best way to put a practice into your day, and to have ongoing meditation support.

Please note there has been a price increase = Teaching Session = £50

When:Arranged upon booking (1hr 15mins)



Mindful Holistic Energy Care

Woman relaxing in nature

This is a course for people who wish to be more mindful and deepen their understanding and care for their own energy; enhance both their work with others and their personal lives, avoid burnout, bored-out, excessive tiredness, stress, anxiety and illness.

Discussion based workshops aim to raise awareness to whole body energy flow and deepen an understanding on how it can be depleted internally and externally, and how to take better care of it.

During the workshop Essential Energy Skill are taught to help increase and balance energy.

Please note there has been a price increase. Teaching session = £50

When:Arranged upon booking (1 hr)



Movement 4 Health

Instructor running chair yoga class

These classes have a variety of gentle exercises aimed to help improve general health & wellbeing and uplift the spirits.

I combine easy chair and standing exercises and movements to help release joint and muscular tension, improve circulation, balance & body alignment, and increase general energy and vitality.

This relaxing practice is a lovely way to start to teach your mind and body to be able to come to some peace and stillness. Classes are light-hearted and fun.

When:Fridays 3:30pm - 4:30pm


Where:The Quaker House
Bancks Street

Free Dance

Free Dance class

These workshops give you the opportunity to express yourself freely to an eclectic mix of inspiring music, in whatever way feels right for you. You don’t need to have any previous dancing experience; all are welcome. It’s a chance to kick off your shoes, dance and have some fun, in a friendly and spacious environment.

It also includes some body alignment tai chi warm-up exercises, and finishes with a guided relaxation. The workshop is very liberating, theraputic and exercises the body well. Refreshments will then be provided afterwards.




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