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True Nature retreats have a variety of deeply relaxing and liberating activities to enjoy


True Nature retreats have a variety of deeply relaxing and liberating activities to enjoy

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Health & Wellness Retreat Activities

A combination of the following activities are included in our Wellbeing Retreat Days & Weekends. They collectively provide a unique, holistic approach to improving mind, body, and spirit wellness. You also have the opportunity to purchase one-on-one relaxation treatments that are designed to compliment your experience, and will help you unwind even further.

Each activity facilitates new experience, learning, relaxation, revitalisation and fun, all in a natural and beautiful setting.

Yoga / Shibashi

Exercise / Meditation

Woman on Yoga mat in Child's pose

You will learn a series of Yoga and Shibashi exercises (meditative movements derived from Tai Chi) which help you to relax, balance, recharge, and improve your general health and wellbeing.

Yoga is a great activity that gives you flexibility, strength, and an increased awareness of your mind and body – It is also known to be fantastic for your heart health.

Free Dance

Exercise / Fun

Close up of feet during Free Dance class

Free Dance gives you a wonderful opportunity to express yourself in any way you choose, to different modes of inspiring music. It brings together universal wisdom that underlies all movement practices. As nobody watches anyone else, feel rest assured that self-consciousness just melts away, leaving you to have freeing fun!

Inspired by 5 Rhythms, carefully chosen tracks are put together to help you to observe and explore different sides of yourself. There’s space to freely move or dance in anyway that feels right for you, giving you that rare chance to just let your ‘dancing spirit’ out and dance with the flow of life!

Singing Bowl Therapy

Audio Therapy

Singing Bowl Therapy bowl close up

The benefits of Sound Immersion Therapy are unlimited. The most important benefit is being re-attuned to your divine spiritual essence. When your whole energy field, mind, body and spirit is balanced and in harmony, your whole world around you becomes more so too.

Crystal Singing bowls when played affects every cell and atom of our mind, body and spirit helping to create a most positive shift within you and the world around you. Sessions facilitated by a qualified Sound Therapist / Teacher

Holistic Energy Care


Hands manipulating energy

This workshop gives a fresh new look at the way we lead your lives; it helps to raise awareness to how you care for own energy, and how it can get depleted externally, and internally. It gives tools on how to be more mindful in all that you do, be more connected to what you really want and feel.

With this deeper understanding, you can improve and enhance your work, personal life, be more creative, avoid burnout, bored-out, excessive tiredness, stress, anxiety and illness. During the workshop essential energy skills are taught to help increase and balance energy.

Medicine Movement


Two women performing gentle movements by Wimbleball Lake

This is an opportunity to move your bodies from a place of stillness and inner connection. Intuitive movement allows our bodies to naturally unwind, release tensions and blocks in ways we may not have experienced or thought of doing before. Gentle and slow movements, done without being watched or judged. I will be facilitating, then participating!

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The Art of Massage

Educational / Therapeutic

Group of retreat goers practicing massage on each other

Massage has been used for medicinal and therapeutic benefits since ancient times. The power of touch is a fundamental part of our heritage and pays a vital role in our development from infancy into adulthood. Comforting and nurturing it is considered essential for the wellbeing of our mind & body, and is food for the soul!

In the most peaceful of places a qualified practitioner and teacher introduces you to the art of massage. You have an opportunity to understand more about the benefits of massage / essential oils, and learn therapeutic techniques that you practice on each other.

Deeply Relaxing Treatments

Premium / Therapeutic

Relaxed woman receiving head massage

During your True Nature Retreat Day or Weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase one-on-one relaxation treatments that are designed to compliment your experience, and help you deeply unwind.

Treatments such as Aromatherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, and Lymphatic Drainage Massage are available for purchase, and performed by professional and experienced practitioners. To find out more about these treatments and their benefits, click the link below.

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