About Us

True Nature has over 28 years experience providing highly professional holistic health & wellness services in Somerset

About Us

True Nature has over 30 years experience providing holistic health & wellness services in Somerset

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Our Mission

True Nature aims to provide a highly experienced, professional and confidential holistic service for all ages of the public seeking to improve their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing. It offers a wide and unique range of services, treatments, retreats, educational classes, workshops and free consultations. Our highly qualified therapists, teachers, and instructors work with the upmost of passion and integrity for helping others.

Our unique holistic approach is designed to help others help themselves in whatever way is appropriate for them. Our confidential consultations can help to bring clarity, and facilitate the best steps forward for a healthy change. We aim to provide services that helps restore a sense of peace, balance and relaxation, as well as educating and facilitating ways to improve self development, inner resilience and connection to the deeper, truer part of ourselves – our true nature. 

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Venetia Moore - Health & Wellbeing Practitioner

Venetia Moore

Clinical Hons. Dip.Cert. Ed. ITEC. reg. PMF. HEC. IPTI

Award Winner 

CV Media Innovators – Best Health & Wellbeing Treatments Provider 2019 – Somerset

CorporateLiveWire Prestige Award – Best Online Meditation Class of the Year 2020/21 -Somerset – 

Corp Today Magazine – Best Health & Wellbeing Treatment Provider 2020/21

Global Business Insight – Outstanding Holistic Health & Wellbeing Treatments Provider 2021 – Somerset  – 


Author: Baby Colic Help – natural support for parents 

Host: South West Radio – Wellbeing Wednesday

My vocation as a Health & Wellbeing Practitioner / Teacher has spanned over 30 years. I have experience in many sectors and trained in many therapies and teachings. For 23 years I have worked along side doctors & nurses, been immersed in community living & working, and have worked in Health Farms and Retreats. I have much experience with working with the very young, (new born), to the very mature.

My professional and personal perspective approach to life is holistic, hence my training in different modalities. I see myself as a facilitator, someone who is passionate to help others to help themselves. I believe that my strong spiritual understanding, underpinning practice and commitment help me to stay connected and vital.

I look to facilitate and sign post others to connect to their true nature in whatever way that is appropriate for them. I look to help raise awareness, empower, and to facilitate natural life changes, this may be through mind body connection work using different elements or combining them. My aim is to help you improve your intrapersonal, interpersonal and transpersonal relationships.

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