Massage has been used for it’s medicinal and therapeutic benefits since ancient times


Massage has been used for it’s medicinal and therapeutic benefits since ancient times

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Massage has been used for medicinal and therapeutic benefits since ancient times. The power of touch is a fundamental part of our heritage and pays a vital role in our development from infancy into adulthood.

Comforting and nurturing, massage is considered essential for the wellbeing of our mind & body, and is food for the soul!

Below, you can learn about 10 ways which massage can benefit us both physically and mentally. If you’re interested in learning more first-hand, then book an appointment today!

10 Benefits of Massage

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety
  2. Produces ‘feel good’ hormones
  3. Reduces back, shoulder, and neck pain
  4. Eases symptoms of depression
  5. Improves joint mobility and balance
  6. Lowers your blood pressure
  7. Improves blood circulation
  8. Relieves arthritic discomfort in joint and muscles
  9. Strengthens immunity
  10. Helps fibromyalgia pain

Massage Types We Offer

The main type of massage we offer is a Holistic Deep Tissue Massage. This treatment is a deep, firm massage where various massage techniques are used to reach the deeper tissues tensions causing discomfort and pain in the muscles and joints. This style of massage is therapeutic, revitalizing and relaxing.

We also offer a variety of other massage types designed to target specific systems in the body, or utilise other techniques to enhance the experience. These massage types are, Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, and Thai Yoga Massage.

Our Clinics

We hold two clinics in Minehead; Irnham Lodge Complementary Health Centre and on the Top floor of Toucan Wholefoods, both central and easy to find. Our treatment rooms provide a peaceful and soothing environment for receiving treatment, giving you some valuable time out to relax, revitalise, nurture, and nourish yourself on all levels.

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