This relaxing practice is a lovely way help you bring some stillness and peace to your mind and body:


1. Stretch

Stretch out your body in whatever way suits you, paying particular attention to areas of held tension e.g. the neck and shoulders.


2. Get Comfortable

For maximum comfort make sure your back is straight and supported and then if you wish, close your eyes.


3. Take a Couple of Deep Breaths

Breathe in deeply through the nose and then sigh the breath out through the mouth. When you have done two breaths just breath normally.


4. Peace

With every new breath picture a peaceful light filling your whole body and flowing out beyond you. Let go of any tensions into the light the best you can, and let yourself enjoy this time of stillness and rest.


5. Ground Yourself

When you have finished relaxing, take a couple of deep breaths and rub your hands together then rub your legs to ground yourself before getting up.

Take the time to do these five steps whenever you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or in need of some peace.

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